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Phase 1: Research

The research phase of this project was crucial in evaluating Bonbite's current model. We discovered that most New Yorkers order lunch on the day of unless they are catering. As a result, the Bonbite team is reevaluating their current structure to allow for same-day lunch ordering.

Phase 2: Organize

We wanted to cover our bases when organizing the insights gathered from the research phase. By creating three personas, we mapped distinct use cases for Bonbite along a broad spectrum.

Phase 3: Design

The designs for Bonbite's app were influenced by the best features of competing apps. Through comparative and competitive analysis, we were able to seamlessly design one app that felt cohesive and coherent.

Phase 4: Test

When do we ask for a person's delivery address? This question became the touchstone of our design. If we ask too early, we may alienate users out of the delivery zone who want to browse. If we ask too late, we risk cart abandonment due to the finicky process behind selecting your delivery address. We solved this conundrum by presenting users with the option to input their address in different points of the flow.

Phase 5: Implement

Check out the prototype.